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I don't know much about what I pick when I upload a picture...I just kind of click away so as to share my images as fast as possible. I want it to be known that provided you tell me what it's being used for, all members of Newgrounds are welcome to use my images freely for whatever purpose! Of course, don't bother asking if you want it to be your background...that's...kind of what they're there for to begin with =P


Back at it...slowly

2010-02-09 23:25:39 by InfernoX880

I've been away from Newgrounds for a while but am happy to return now with a few new pieces of art. I've gotten rusty, but hopefully I'll be back to figuring out the best ways to make nice pics soon!

For any and all of you wondering, the pictures I make are for the most part easy to make: its a matter of sequence and order that counts. If you know what you want, its not so difficult to make these pictures, it takes some experimenting with filters and figuring out how to use them to achieve a maximum effect in what you want made. So to clear up any ambiguity: no, my pictures are not difficult to make, yes they do take quite a bit of time, and yes, I'd like it if you reviewed them for what they are, not how they're made.

That being said, I'm happy to be back to NG on a daily basis again!

Has Decided to Make Contributions to the Art Section

2008-09-29 16:56:04 by InfernoX880

Not sure if you guys enjoy viewing my art, but I sure enjoy making it. All of my art is made using a bunch of simple free ware, simple additions here, simple ones there. Also note that all of my art is sized 1680x1050 meaning that it works great as a desktop background on most computers.

Any feedback and / or criticism is welcome.